• “Money” Greens: Kale you will love…without cream

    This Kale is MONEY!

    In winter I tend to complain whine about the lack of fresh produce beyond citrus and winter greens like kale. We have certainly covered citrus in desserts and cocktails (and we will continue to do so). But what about the kale? (and other winter greens?) Well, we have been working on it.

    It turns out, we all enjoy kale at Putney Farm. Even the kids. Add some butter, cream, bacon and salt- and our kale kicks ass! But that’s just a bit of a cop-out. I can add butter, cream, bacon and salt to tree bark and it would probably taste good. The kids would probably like it, too. Also, the cream-based kale seems less,well….green. When each serving is a thousand calories, I barely classify the kale as a vegetable. While the cream-based kale tastes great, Carolyn and I started working on a recipe for kale or greens that has good flavor, is healthier, but still easy to make. Continue reading

  • White Bean, Smoked Ham and Kale Soup

    For some reason, I have an occasional need to make a dish all in one pot. On a gastronomical level, it just seems that a traditional one-pot recipe is fully tested and “evolved”, so it is likely to be good. On a practical level, it means less clean up. Either way, one-pot cooking is a good way to go and you will see a lot of it at Putney Farm.

    The “one” pot we use for this kind of recipe is usually a cast-iron Dutch oven. We have large and small Le Creuset enameled Dutch ovens, and we use them almost every day. We use them for roasts, deep-frying, soups, stocks and more mundane tasks like boiling water for pasta. An enameled Dutch oven can be an investment (read: expensive), but one that is worth it. If you take care of it, the Dutch oven will last a lifetime. If you are “lucky” it will outlast you… Continue reading