Tiki Drink for Memorial Day: The Ancient Mariner

We can’t resist tiki drinks for long here at the farm, and Memorial Day provides a good excuse, so here we go again. Although for this tiki drink, we need no excuse. The Ancient Mariner is one of our favorite cocktails, period. And unlike most tiki drinks, the Ancient Mariner is a recent creation from […]

Our Tiki Creation: The “Rickey-Tiki-Tavi”

This will be our last tiki post for a little while, I think I need a Martini…;-) It has been raining quite a bit on our tropical vacation, so our “kitchen and bar muscles” are getting a workout. We have been cooking very tasty fresh fish almost every night. This has been great, but searing […]

Tiki Cocktails: The Sumatra Kula

Oh yes, we had to buy the tiki mug. But more on that below, let’s get to the drink first. The Sumatra Kula is a tiki drink from Don The Beachcomber, who along with “Trader Vic” Bergeron led the tiki craze in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. If I can summarize, Don was the Socal […]

Tiki Cocktails: The Rain Killer

Funny thing about tiki drinks, when you are in the “real” world of tiki some of the ingredients are hard to find. Orgeat syrup and Falernum don’t grow on trees out here. I should know, I asked a local about the Orgeat trees and he looked at me kinda funny. No Falernum bushes either, go […]

Mixology Monday XCIX Cocktail: The Reef Pass

We had to laugh out loud when we saw this month’s Mixology Monday theme was “Ice” (kindly hosted by our friend the Muse of Doom at the excellent Feu de Vie Blog). You see, as our bar/restaurant Timber & Salt nears its opening in September, we are spending a lot of time on ice. Ice is […]

A Cocktail Experiment With Ash Apothecary Flavored Syrups

Full disclosure; cocktail-oriented folks send us all sorts of cool spirits, bitters, flavorings and gear to try out here at the farm. We make no promises, but if we like an ingredient or tool we use/mention it in our posts (and always disclose the source). That said, we almost never do a full post on something that […]