Mixology Monday XCVIII Roundup: Hometown Hooch

Time for our roundup of truly awesome cocktails from this month’s Mixology Monday. We had the pleasure of hosting and our theme was “Hometown Hooch”. If you want more info on the theme, see here. But, in short, we were looking for cocktails that feature some of the bloggers favorite local spirits, and we were […]

The Cask-Strength Bourbon Old Fashioned

A funny thing often happens when you “go deep” into a subject, you often find yourself back at the beginning. And that is certainly true when you get into cocktails. You may play with tiki, sours, endless Martini and Manhattan variants, molecular mixology, shims, cobblers, smashes, etc. But in the end, you will most likely find yourself a […]

Mixology Monday XCII Cocktail: Persephone

Wow, its been a while since our last post. And we have some good reasons for that…we will fill everyone in over the next few months. Let’s just say that our interest in cocktails is going to a whole new level, and a larger audience than our ever-patient family and friends. Regardless, we never tire […]

Monthly Cocktail #2: The Case For A True Mai-Tai

The Putney Farm crew recently returned from a delightful trip to Kauai. All good, nothing to complain about…but, maybe…um…there was one little thing. And it has to do with the classic Tiki drink, the Mai Tai. You see, the problem was that while we were served a number of “Mai-Tais” on the trip, the only […]

Mixology Monday LXXXVI Cocktail: The Nuevo Presidente

Ah, just when we started slowing down on cocktail posts, it’s Mixology Monday again. Just another excuse to keep mixing drinks. Such is life…..and life is good. This month, the theme comes from Thiago of the excellent Bartending Notes blog. Here it is: Let’s bring the king of fruits back! After being canned, mixed with all […]

Monthly Cocktail #1: The Midnight Daiquiri

Happy Tuesday! And we choose to celebrate this auspicious day with something new, the “Monthly” cocktail feature. It was weekly, but we were having a hard time keeping up. So “Monthly” it is… In any event, is there any better flavor combination in cocktails than rum, lime and sugar?  So simple, so perfect and yet so […]