Timber & Salt 2nd Anniversary and New Chef


Isaac Miller’s Tomatoes & Burrata, using Putney Farm tomatoes and basil

It is amazing how quickly two years goes by! But happily I can say we are still in business and doing quite well here at Putney Farm and at our restaurant, Timber & Salt in Redwood City California. Thanks again to all of our employees, investors and friends for the work, support and patronage. We are very grateful.

The best news, along with our anniversary, is that we have a new chef, Isaac Miller, who joined our team in August. Isaac comes from Maven in San Francisco, where they received a SF Chronicle top 100 and 3 Stars during Isaac’s tenure. Isaac also worked at notable restaurants like Sons & Daughters, Flea St. Cafe, Manresa and 231 Ellsworth- so we are very pleased to have someone of his experience on the team. (Brian, our bar manager was managing the wine and bar at Station 1 when they were 3 star / top 100- so our management team has some serious chops!)

MrFox2Otherwise, I could wax on about the ups and downs of owning a restaurant, but one of the first lessons I learned was to keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself a bit more often (…yeah, it’s a work in progress). Regardless, we love the restaurant and are very happy with the food & drinks…while always pushing to be better.

DrinkForInez2Finally, we will just note that we hope all of you join us at Timber & Salt. The food and drinks have never been better and IMHO, we have the best cocktails in Silicon Valley (and perhaps beyond). Brian’s brunch cocktails are a particular treasure…they are totally worth a try. Here is one more….



6 thoughts on “Timber & Salt 2nd Anniversary and New Chef

  1. So happy for you. Time does just fly bye. Joanie & Jack

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  2. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary and your new chef! Can’t wait to try the new dishes when I’m in town!

    XO Monica

  3. First, congratulations on your second year!

    Second, I’m really kicking myself! In July I drove right past on my epic road trip with my mom and eldest niblings and completely forgot to plug your restaurant into the GPS. Bad, Sarah!

    Next time!

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