The Putney Farm Bacon Chronicles

Breakfast of champions.

We sold our first home-cured bacon! In fact, we have a few customers now and demand is growing. We did not plan on building an underground bacon business, but selling some of the bacon does help with expenses. It also helps to sell some of the excess bacon, as we are experimenting with different cures and flavors, and the pork is piling up (otherwise we eat it all).

A kitchen that smells like bacon is a happy place.

We have been testing different sugars in the cure (brown sugar, maple syrup, cane syrup) and also different seasonings like garlic, thyme and juniper. So far, brown sugar with a touch of garlic, a solid amount of pepper and a few sprigs of thyme has been the favorite cure. This week we will be experimenting with applewood and cherrywood smoke, maybe hickory as well. We will be updating the blog as things unfold.

And if you want to buy some bacon, let us know.

2 thoughts on “The Putney Farm Bacon Chronicles

  1. American bacon always looks so… unappealing. How about trying your own, home-cured, back or middle bacon? Back bacon is what most bacon in the UK is. Middle bacon is my favourite though.

    Maybe it’s a culture thing, but Americans seem to rave about bacon and yet eat the least appealing cut!

    • Thanks for the comment. We will be making back bacon and “canadian” bacon from the loin as well.

      The belly has the fat we Americans like. It gets crispy when cooked right. But I do like what we would call “cottage” bacon that is more meaty, we just do’t see it very much.

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