Nothing But Roses

Backyard rose

We are a shameless parents, and we admit it. We love our boys. Our eldest just hit his first home run. The team’s first of the year. He hit it when his parents and grandparents were at the game. I am very happy for him. They won the game. It was a good day. Nothing but roses. Here are some to share.

Climbing rose, one of our favorites

With a good day in mind, we give you some roses. There are tough days, too. We should savor the good ones.

Another climbing rose

Rose with morning dew

8 thoughts on “Nothing But Roses

  1. Reading the title of your post, I was half-expecting a photo spread of pink wines. I was pleasantly surprised Thanks for the photos.

    Our children are a mirror of who we are. And with the support and affection that you obviously heap on them, they are blessed indeed. You will be repaid many times over I am sure.

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