Back to the Roses

While summer is winding down across much of the country, northern California often has a second or “Indian” summer in September and October. For many of the microclimates in the Bay Area, Indian summer offers better weather than our “real” summer. This time of year, the fog will roll back some, the wind slacken and sometimes go offshore and things will heat up. On the farm this means tomatoes through September, another crop of strawberries and more roses. We don’t know if we will have Indian Summer this year (it was already a good summer, no need to be greedy). But a new bloom of roses is here, so we may as well share.

The bees drinking from the bird bath. A popular spot for the bees and the only place other than near the hive where they get a bit ornery.

18 thoughts on “Back to the Roses

  1. Some rose garden you have …. wonderful – love those apricot colored ones – and I love you busy bees .. without them you wouldn’t have any roses. nice to see the bee drinking – never given that a thought that bee needs water too. Beautiful post.

  2. Fantastic photos !! All of them ! I think the shot of the rose buds in a group and the bees are particular favourites.
    And I’m hoping we have an Indian Summer, our summer has been so poor (cool and not enough sun) I feel a bit cheated !

  3. I’m hoping for a looong Indian Summer here too. It was so hot here, it would be nice to have some more temperate temps for a couple of months. The roses are beautiful and makes me want to add a couple to my garden. Love the 5th shot from the bottom.

  4. I’m waiting for our Indian Summer to hit. We’re still just in plain old hot summer! But I know it’s coming and I love it! I’ve never seen bees drinking from a source such as a bird bath. So interesting. Roses are gorgeous! Debra

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