A Visit To Brookside Orchids

Just a few miles away from our “farm” there is a little secret. Tucked behind a farm stand and an equestrian center, lies a small, balmy haven of color, Brookside Orchids. We will do a full post on this amazing business, but in the meantime we visited to pick up a gift and couldn’t resist taking a few photos (and we do mean a “few”- there is so much more to share). Walking around in a warm, humid greenhouse filled with thousands of orchids and hanging plants is simply delightful. It feels like a dream. Here are some photos for the weekend…

An orchid that evolved to look like a fly…cool.

Bat Lily, not an orchid, but amazing to look at.

We leave you with an orchid that smells like vanilla and licorice, It only flowers a few days a year, but it certainly draws attention when in bloom.

15 thoughts on “A Visit To Brookside Orchids

  1. Absolute wonderful photos – my favorite flower and I have been quite luck during this year – they have bloomed again for me. The second one from the top – what a color .. stunningly beautiful and you have really capture their beauty and fragility.

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