Harvest….Is There A Better Word?

Even in California we know it’s coming. It’s autumn, but the tomatoes are red, ripe and juicy. There’s a nip in the air, but the melons are ripe and fragrant (and oh so tasty…sigh). Peaches fill the farmers market…but we also see glimpses of sweet potatoes, grapes, pumpkins and pomegranates. We may be in the “Cadillac Desert” but, even here, there is no free lunch…seasons change. Harvest.

The same goes for our garden. Pick those tomatoes, dry those beans, pickle more cucumbers (again?!?) and can/jam those berries and peaches. And if you have a friend who likesย thermofuckingnuclear hot peppers, then some “generosity” is in order. Have at it. Share. Abundance is something to celebrate (unless all you have is zucchini, then go stand over there…;-).

All the while we plant our winter crops and look to the colder seasons. Tomatoes become jars of sauce. Peaches freeze into sorbet (yum- won’t last into winter, but whatever), we cure bacon and smoke almonds. There is flavor to be had in any season. And, of course, there are always seasonal cocktails. If you don’t have a bottle of Laird’s Bonded Applejack or good Calvados, now is the time…time to celebrate. Time to reflect. Time to share with friends. And, perhaps, time to take a well-earned nap….

It isn’t an accident that our largest and most important festivals and holidays come after the harvest. Our annual miracle, and it is a miracle, happened again. We live, we eat, we share, we love. Remember that Billions of people live from the fruits of this Earth. It is far from perfect (lord knows, there is more to do) but we have a good foundation to work from. Harvest is time to be thankful and look to the future. We say “thanks for this year and cheers to the next, may your pantry be so full you can share”….and remember to share, there is nothing better….

We leave you with flowers…Happy Monday….

33 thoughts on “Harvest….Is There A Better Word?

  1. This makes me want to have a farm. Everything looks great! Unfortunately, I don’t think my landlord would appreciate me ripping up his lawn to accomplish it!

  2. Thanks for this hilarious post. I guffawed twice: first over the hot peppers and then over the zucchini. : ) Do you have a good recipe for tomato sauce? We have a bunch, and I, unfortunately, let a big batch go to waste. : (

    • Have at it. These were supposed to be Serranos- hot, but not overly so….but whatever they are, they have some serious burn… go figure. We will pickle them or figure something out…any ideas?

      • If you don’t like the super hot, I’d dry them, grind them, and then just use a dash or a sprinkle. I don’t actually like hot myself, but DH has been known to toss a few habaneros into two quarts of pico, or just dice one up in his eggs…

      • Thanks- we may dry them and do our own chili powder.

        Habaneros are a special case- they are very spicy but do taste good (in limited quantity)….;-)

  3. Wonderful post again and the photos are so fantastic – sound like an old record again. You will be busy in the kitchen now will this harvest – wonderful … are you making your own Calvados ??? Not anything I like – but many years ago we rent a little castle in Normandy and the owner how lived on the castle farm manufacture Calvados and very famous one too. My German fiance visit the farm nearly every evening before … dinner just to have a glass or two. Personal I don’t like either that or cognac. Adore that last summer rose. You enjoy your harvest.

  4. What a lovely reflection and tribute to all your hard work, as well as enjoyment of the fruits of your labor. Harvest time is bitter sweet. So much hard work, but enjoyment at the same time and so great to know that there will be much to savor throughout the winter. Sad to say goodbye to the garden and greenery, as the fall comes and rains drown us out of our garden. But it makes the next Spring that much better!

    • Thanks for the kind words…harvest is somewhat bittersweet, particularly after a good year. But we look forward to some rain (and snow). We need it…

      Meanwhile, we are off to plant some kale…;-)

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