A Visit With The Great Pumpkin

Poor Linus. He never understood that the Great Pumpkin doesn’t visit you…. you visit the Great Pumpkin. And we happen to know that the Great Pumpkin lives in Half Moon Bay, California and spends most of its time showing off its best creations at Farmer John’s Pumpkin Farm.

Note the pink pumpkins in the background…

And it is a farm, not a “patch”. “Farmer John” Muller and his wife Eda run the best pumpkin farm in the Bay Area. John is tight with the Great Pumpkin and has more pumpkins, squash and gourds than just about anyone. Designers and restauranteurs join the masses to visit his farm every October and enjoy all the goodies. Thousands of pumpkins in immesurable colors, sizes and shapes (and flavors- some of these pumpkins are very tasty). And good people, too. With the help of Jon and Eda, the Great Pumpkin manages to host hundreds of disadvantaged school kids and give them pumpkins and time on a real farm. A kind and warm spirit is all around you at Farmer’s John’s. If a farm has a soundtrack, this one has lots of giggles and laughter. So thanks John and Eda Great Pumpkin! Here are a few photos of our “haul”….

Our “offering” to the Great Pumpkin.

Sam wants everyone to know that the green patch is not a bruise…but he did drop this one…;-)

The alien squash says “take me to your leader”.

These are called “dippers”…

This one is shaped like a frisbee…sorta, kinda…

Almost black…good for Halloween…

This one is even uglier than you think…

Some gourds are…ummm…”happier” than others….

27 thoughts on “A Visit With The Great Pumpkin

  1. WoW!! I have never seen a pink pumpkin before! I have a craving to get some squash and pumpkin and do some cooking and baking now! (Fall season I do lots with acorn and butternut squashes, for obvious reasons, and of course, pumpkin) I’d be interested to see if you have any outstanding, can’t live with out, recipes for acorn &/or butternut squash, to add to my own…?
    Excellent and beautiful pictures…I wish I lived in California! You have the very best climate there!! As always, thank you for sharing.
    ~ Jen

    • The pink pumpkin is called a “princess” and it is very orange on the inside with a green ring just under the skin. Crazy looking, but considered a very tasty cooking pumpkin.

      We like butternut squash gnocchi (have a post on that), but will add a few more recipes during the winter- we eat a lot of squash this time of year…

  2. Adore, that top photo … amazing – all the colors and shapes … but I would love the little cheeky one .. on the last photo. Thank you so much for brighten up me very dark evening – those photos made me feel good. Have a great weekend.

  3. Really love your blog, it’s always so cheerful and imaginative. Keep ’em coming! This one made me want to eat spiced pumpkin soup made with chicken stock, chillies and chorizo.

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