The Floating Garden

garden12garden2The Putney Farm crew is on the road (most of us, anyway). But we never quite leave our gardens fully behind. From one garden to another. We bet you can guess our location. Any takers? The first to get it right gets a cocktail named in their honor (you can even suggest a few ingredients). Otherwise, enjoy the pics.


Back to the office....

Back to the office….

23 thoughts on “The Floating Garden

  1. Allerton Garden it must be …. or ????? Never been there, but I have heard about 5 gardens after each other. Enjoy your holiday …. and delight yourself. Your photo gallery is stunning as always and I’m not envy at all. *smile

  2. Hmmm. I’ve been to Hawaii twice, and I’m going to say you are not up on the volcano on the Big Island, nor are you up on the big pink hospital on the hill where I had my son during my first trip to Oahu.
    The beach shot reminds me of a few places on the North shore, but could easily also be Maui. I’ve never been to any of the other islands.

    Please eat a malasada at Leonards and an unagi hand roll at Aloha Sushi if you are on Oahu. I’m really craving those.

    • Plenty of lizards and roosters…one much noisier than the other…

      The geckos were even cuter, but they were hard to get on film….maybe next year.

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