Roses For Earth Day

earth4We think every day should be Earth Day (just like every day should be “grateful to be alive day”). But we will celebrate today with a dozen roses. Enjoy. And no matter where you are we hope you get a moment outside to take a walk and appreciate the miracle that is our good earth.earth8earth11earth5earth1earth7earth10earth2Earth9earth6earth

21 thoughts on “Roses For Earth Day

  1. You have started my day with a smile! We really should celebrate the beauty of the natural world every day, and take care not to “use too much” of what we have in our keeping, and I really thank you for suggesting we remember to celebrate “grateful to be alive day”–which, yes, is something I’ve thought about a lot in the last week or so. Gratitude! The roses are a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day! Just lovely!

    • Thanks. We like the word “gratitude” quite a bit. The minute you say it, one starts to think of all the good stuff…an there is usually plenty of good stuff out there.

  2. I totally agree, we should think of mother earth every day and how we use her and show our respect.
    Your roses are stunning … but if I have to choice has it to be the top photo. You haven’t taken them this year or ???!!!! Beautiful and thoughtful post.

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