Fall “Fires” At The Farm

fires9After a long summer and a few weeks of “second spring”, Autumn is here in Northern California. Fall is a curious season here. Just as some trees drop their leaves and show off fiery colors, colder weather flowers thrive and our “winter crops” start to take off and show some fire of their own. There is a whole other burst of color, and it is just coming to life. There is always a touch of spring here, and we are grateful for it.

firesfires11fire13Our herbs and greens enjoy the milder weather and keep the salads coming. The fennel, Brussels sprouts, artichokes and chard all show promise. The citrus trees will yield fruit before thanksgiving and the colder weather strawberries are having a blast. The apple cider kit is in the mail…more fun on the way.



23 thoughts on “Fall “Fires” At The Farm

  1. Love your description of fall North of San Francisco. It brings back so many memories. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1973 and participated in the Berkeley community garden. I learned so much there! I learned that nature wastes nothing. I learned to compost, feed and protect the earth., I learned to “grow, caretake” (I really want another word) animals. This knowledge of the environment has helped throughout my life. It is, indeed, the reason I signed onto Putney farm website. Thank you.

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    • Now THAT’s super-sweet! Funny how never-thought-about memories can be evoked by a simple sentence or photo. I could SMELL Northern CA over the Golden gate and through the grassy hills of central N CA. The smell of youth let loose in the countryside.

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