A Visit to The Disneyland of Food

Treats from San Francisco: Cake from Miette, Acme bread, Boccalone salami and Cowgirl Creamery cheese

Carolyn, the kids and I went to San Francisco today and visited the Ferry Building farmers market and shops. At this time of year the produce is still limited to mostly greens and citrus, and from the same growers we have out here in the “country”. But the city does have better bakeries, meats, cheese and salumi than we have (or at least more variety), so we had some fun and got some treats.

And the restaurants in San Francisco are still great. We ate a very good italian meal at Barbacco, the bruschetta and brussels sprouts in duck fat were particularly good. We had a fun time and the boys tried some new foods. It’s funny, but a number of people said to us “enjoy your day in the city”. We lived here for almost 10 years, but with the kids (and a lack of black clothing) I guess it is pretty clear we do not live in the city anymore. But everywhere we went, we were welcome. It still fells like home.

We tend to take it for granted, living here full-time, but Northern California is still like living in the “Disneyland of Food”. (New York City  and the Hamptons in summer may be the “Disneyworld of Food”; bigger, and different, but not necessarily better.) We are so lucky for what we have here. Restaurants, produce, wine & beer, meat, cheese, pastry and coffee- all served with some character. It is nice to step back, smell the coffee (literally, Blue Bottle Coffee, great stuff) and enjoy it with those you love.


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