The best thing going

I have lust in my heart....

These are fresh bay scallops from Gardiners Bay in Long Island. The real thing. There are not many to be had and the season is not long, but they are about the best thing going- get them if you can. (You probably won’t, NYC restaurants get them all). My buddy Chad is cooking these now and I am jealous. Very jealous.

Usually, after getting the scallops out of the shell, Chad heats a pan until it is super-hot, adds oil and the scallops and cooks for 30 seconds, pulls them off the heat and adds salt and pepper. The carry-over heat finishes the scallops to perfect doneness. That is all you need for perfection. The scallops are so sweet they taste like seafood caramel.  Trust me, this is a good thing, a very good thing.

Chad sent me the photo out of friendship, and spite, as he is eating these right now… Grumble, at least it is 70 degrees here….;-)

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