Early Arrivals At The Farm

This is a peach blossom!

This is a peach blossom!

Spring is here at the farm, and not just in spirit, the blossoms and flowers are out. YES! The magnolias are in bloom. Our peach trees and blueberry bushes are in full flower. There are buds and new growth on the apple, pear and fig trees. The cherry and nectarine trees are almost there, just a day or two away. The herbs are green and the artichokes are sending up canes. Time to get back to work in the garden and orchard…..and we couldn’t be happier.

Blueberry blossom.

Blueberry blossom.

You know what this is...

You know what this is…


41 thoughts on “Early Arrivals At The Farm

      • No avocados. Sadly, it is just a bit too cold. We have friends a few miles away, closer to the bay that can pull it off. But Persian limes and avocados don’t like the cold. We do have most other citrus, stone fruits, berries, figs, apples and pears…and most other veggies like our weather- just not the avos.

  1. I’m joining all the other commentators who would like to Thank You for this taste of spring! No snow that was predicted here, but freezing rain, and high winds, are making me miserable. Plus, the wet dog is hogging the couch. Phooey.

    • Glad you enjoyed it and OUCH- freezing rain. Ugh. Ice storms were one of the main reasons we left NY for CA so many years ago….

      But at least your dog is happy… πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m so coveting your spring blooms! We barely have anything budding here yet, and I swear I’ve only seen the sun for about an hour or two, yesterday, over the last three weeks. Keep those pictures coming! Gives me some hope. And they’re gorgeous.

    • Thanks And we will be out there taking more photos…we are sooo excited to get back to “work” in the garden. If winter does anything, it makes you love spring.

  3. Wonderful … only seen some snowdrops .. so fare, but always the first sign – lovely photos – of a lovely time coming up. Envy … very much so.

      • We had some fantastic sunny days for nearly a week now – even if it’s a bit bitter in the air. A month to go .. and all our apple trees will bloom – live in the cider county. *smile

  4. Lovely photography – I swear I can almost smell spring just by looking. I know Spring is coming here in Minnesota! How, one might ask? It snowed six inches earlier this week, but it was a wet snow, and Gibson and Homer are starting to shed…

    • Thanks. And funny, when we used to be in Northern NY (by the St. Lawrence River) we used to know spring was coming when the snow got wet. But it always had to snow at least 1 time in April…one more reason we ran to California…;-)

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