Memorial Day Flowers

Early hydrangea flowers

Memorial Day is a day to remember the sacrifices of our soldiers. It is also the unofficial start of summer and a weekend to spend with family and friends. Some may find this hard to reconcile, but for us there is no better way to show respect for the fallen than to value and be grateful for the truly important parts of our lives.

Memorial Day is literally a good time to “smell the roses”.

Bougainvillea climbing anywhere it can.

The transition to summer brings changes to the garden. Spring flowers fade and some fry in the sun. Other plants and flowers start to thrive. The Bougainvillea begins its fiery climb. The roses come and go with new splashes of color. The lavender and hydrangea are on the cusp.

Our true transition to summer comes with the lavender. It is our most common plant. It is literally everywhere and once it blooms the bees will come calling and work the lavender for months. The plants will literally hum and vibrate with activity. Something to look forward to.

More hydrangea, just peeking through the leaves

Flowering by tomorrow.

The lavender is almost here, and summer will be here as well.

6 thoughts on “Memorial Day Flowers

  1. Red bougainvillea is so amazing
    We have a pink and white near our home too, watching it in rain is a pleasant

    Nice photos!

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