Fireworks In Slow Motion


I am sure we are not the first to think of this, even the ancient Chinese named their fireworks for flowers, but the flowers in our gardens are simply fireworks with a very slow burn. Different colors, shapes and sizes. Some linger, some burst, some change before our eyes. But they always delight us. Ask yourself, “have I ever been bored by fireworks?” or “are there ever too many flowers in the garden?”. I think we all know the answer.

Note the insect on the nasturtium.

More bugs, see the grasshopper on the zucchini blossom.

Not exactly a flower, but a welcome blossom, nonetheless…

The flowers even have their own sound-effects, happily supplied by the bees. The constant hum and buzz is a reminder that nature is all around us and, if left uninterrupted, supplies us with a constant stream of beauty and inspiration. Some flowers become honey, other blossoms bring fruit and some simply calm the soul. 

Melon blossom. A sign of sweet things to come.

The bees on the lavender supply our soundtrack for summer.

Hard at work.

All fireworks displays should end with a cherry bomb. The bings are almost ready.

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