And Suddenly There Are Apples

Gravenstein apples.

Just two weeks ago, when it was still cool, our Gravenstein (or what we think are Gravenstein) apples were barely showing on the tree. But a few weeks of warmth and sun and the tree is thick with apples. Gravensteins are a “variable harvest” apple, which just means the fruit ripens unevenly. The apples will ripen and develop a slight red blush on top, but they are tart and tasty even before they fully ripen.

Quite a few apples. These need to be thinned.

The animals seem to think they are ready. The Deer love the apples and we throw the apples that drop early over the fence. The deer will congregate to that same spot every evening to see what fell from the trees. We will thin the apples this week to get a better crop later in the season- the deer will be extra-happy for a few days. Now they just need to stay on their side of the fence.

Pears are also looking good.

Otherwise we leave you with flowers on a beautiful summer day. Surprise at the end…

Last gasp of the wisteria.

These are olives. Very exciting…

23 thoughts on “And Suddenly There Are Apples

  1. What absolutely gorgeous flowers! Oh my! You have a wonderful place to luxuriate in wholesome goodness!! Should you actually get this response, would you please look about your Spam box and see if I’m going in there 🙂 I seem to be disappearing! Debra

    • Thanks- and your comments are back! We are lucky to have such a lovely garden. Some work on our part, but one of the benefits of living in an older house- you get the garden…

  2. Very exciting! We don’t have anywhere near what you have, but after returning from a 4-day weekend, our garden seems to have exploded. That is so cool that you will have olives!

    • Very stoked on the olives. We will try for oil for the first time later this year.

      But it is amazing what a few good sunny days can do for the garden, it seems like an entirely different place. Which is kinda fun..

  3. Your apples and pears look great. The Gavensteins are one of the early apples in our orchard. I have a friend who loves to come and pick them for making apple butter…they are great for that. Lovely photos.

    • Really excited about the olives. Not sure what we will do yet, but I think we will press oil, there are portable presses so we can try it onsite. Can’t wait to try.

  4. Oh, how lovely! I’ve been craving fresh apple pie from just-picked apples for weeks. I would have such a hard time with the anticipation of such a long-maturing fruit as apples, but it must be so very wonderful when they’re ready!

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