The Colonial Garden: Williamsburg, VA

A prosperous farmer might have this view.

Posting from the road for a few days, but we couldn’t resist sharing garden photos from our visit to Williamsburg. For those unfamiliar, Williamsburg is a recreation of an 18th century American colonial town in the time of the revolution (not as hokey as you might think). The town is full of period-costumed staff and many activities (fun for kids) but we were most impressed by the landscaping and architecture. Williamsburg is a very beautiful town.

You might have an ornamental garden.

Our favorite places in the town were the gardens of the houses. Many are hidden, but you can tour them, or simply ask and find yourself in a garden that isn’t much different from it was 250 years ago. Our highlight was the vegetable garden.It looks like a garden most gardeners would be proud to have. Gardens don’t change much, just the tools evolve. You could say the same about people.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Vegetable garden- wood supports instead of metal.

Some people would actually pay extra for this type of wheelbarrow these days.

Not that much changes in the garden.

Crazy sunflower plant.

Peppers thriving in the heat.

All seems the same until you realize there are no hoses. Running water was a good invention.

19 thoughts on “The Colonial Garden: Williamsburg, VA

  1. I used to live near there and spent many a summer at the Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown summer camps! Thanks for the memories, such beautiful photos.

  2. I love the wooden vegetable supports instead of metal ones. I grew up in the UK and reusing garden trimmings was much more common than it seems to be in the US.

    • Funny, we looked at the wooden support and thought we could be a bit more efficirnt as well…except for our tomato towers.. We have sturdy metal ones and sometimes even they aren’t enough…

  3. What a wonderful trip, and great photos. I tend to snoop around wherever I go and look for the vegetable gardens! Good reminder to not take water from a hose for granted! Think of how much time we save with our modern water systems! Debra

    • Thanks, it was a good trip and the garden were a treat. It took us a few minutes to realize all those barrels of water weren’t just for decoration..;-)

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