Flowers Amidst The Falling Leaves

Just as we have falling leaves amidst the flowers, the flowers still thrive among a shower of fallen leaves. The flowers never quite leave us here in Norcal. It gets colder, and some die back, but the rain brings new growth. And even in winter, the sunny days confuse encourage the flowers and they spring forth. The roses keep up a good fight and herbs thrive with the rains.

We will have a frost this winter, as we always do. The Bougainvillea will die back to almost nothing, the roses will succumb and the herbs will wither. But the Narcissus will leap up and spring will come again. The leaves will turn green….and new colors from the flowers won’t be far behind…

23 thoughts on “Flowers Amidst The Falling Leaves

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  2. Nice to know flowers are blooming somewhere. With temps in the low 20s (F!), Minnesota has killed off any outdoor flower gardens. Thanks for sharing yours:-)

  3. What lovely images! I love your world; it is blooming with nature’s gifts!

    I too esp love the web picture. Those webs are amazingly intricate marvels; i am awed by their (spiders) abilities…as I am of bird nests!

  4. I love the photos with the spider webs! They are perfect examples of what a transitional garden looks like right now. I think the thing that’s most difficult in my garden is that everything looks a little “time worn” and yet not gone enough to cut back! I took photos this past weekend at the huge rose garden that is part of the USC/Museum complex in Los Angeles. I think most people outside of California would be thunderstruck to see so many flourishing roses. You’ve reminded me that if I’m going to post those photos I need to get to it! It might not be quite as authentic or honest a representation before too long…but right now, they’re still spectacular! 🙂

    • We would love to see those pics…the rains just arrived up here and our roses (which had a great year) will be out of commission.

      Funny, the rain brings a mix for new growth, but also shows how “worn” other plants are…transitional season.

  5. Maybe you will get snow in the Sierras. I just read an article on the rain the is expected in Norcal. Thanks for the pictures….it makes me miss my home state. So lovely, and I always appreciate the earthy smell of things growing even in winter.

  6. My goodness there is still so much in flower! I’m telling myself I’m not jealous, I’m not, I’m not….. yeah right I’m not convincing myself let alone anyone else !! A great set of photos

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