Daffodils…Just In Time

daffyWe are in the midst of a “real” winter here in Norcal. We can’t complain, we need the rain. And I guess the cold and wind just comes along with the deal sometimes.

daffy9But just when almost all the colors fade, the Daffodils (or Narcissus, your choice) pop up. The yellows and whites gleam amidst the browns and grays of winter. There are always signs of spring in California. That comes with the deal, too.daffy1daffy12daffy8daffy5daffy1daffy13daffy3daffy4daffy11daffy7

31 thoughts on “Daffodils…Just In Time

  1. Daffodils – my favorite spring flower, isn’t that a bit early ??? March in UK and Ireland.
    Here in April. Wonderful photos again, specially those with the rain drops on. Sucker for water and rain drops in photos.

    • Thanks. The Daffodils are January/February here, it just depends on rain and temperature. Once we get a cold snap with rain and then it warms a little, the flowers come up…

  2. Thank you for my first sign of spring- that bud looks so full of promise I’ll be thinking of Wordsworth as the gales forecast for the weekend whip the winter brassicas and hope my daffodils keep their heads down as long as possible. Roll on spring!

  3. Wow. Daffodils in January! It’s still pitch black here in PDX by 5PM. A couple years ago we had some daffodils blooming in February but it was a warm, sunny weather streak that confused them enough to blossom early only to be killed off by freezing rain. Thanks for sharing the promise of spring.

    • Wow 5pm is rough..but it is getting lighter here, so you aren’t that far behind. And besides, the PDX is the best food n booze town in the country…things to do at night.

      And FWIW, our daffodils often get nixed by frost when they pop this early…it just depends if we get another good winter gale…

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