What The Rains Left Behind

rains2Christmas brought joy, friendship, feasting and rain. Lots of rain. We have no complaints, we need rain here…always. And the mountains are covered with snow. Again, no complaints…well, maybe a little.

Filled in just a day or so...

Filled in just a day or so…

rains5rainsOnce the storm passes, we like to see what’s left. The grasses are green and thriving, but the flowers are a bit tattered. Happily, a few held on. Some are more sturdy than we would ever expect, particularly the roses. Their colors sway and flash in the storm. The petals fly, but new blossoms are never far behind.rains10rains12rains8rains13

A bit tattered...but hangin' on...

A bit tattered…but hangin’ on…

We leave you with a few “crafts” from our time in the rain. Inspiration comes from many places….rains16rains15

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