Calm Before The Garden Storm

Eggplant blossom.

Eggplant blossom.

Life is never really “stormy” here at the farm, or in our garden. But we are in our early season lull before our late summer “pop”. The blueberries, herbs and flowers are in full swing, but otherwise we are in a quiet period. Our cherries are long since gone, but the farmer’s market has more (we aren’t quite done with cherries, stay tuned). The strawberries are between crops, the peaches and nectarines are weeks away, the apples and pears are further out.

prep2prep3But the tomatoes, squash, cukes, peppers and eggplant are coming, and when they come, they come on strong. If we have a good season (and that is a big “if”), the challenge will be keeping up with the tomatoes. This is a good problem to have, one we look forward to. Giving away tomatoes is a very good way to buy new friends and keep existing ones…and we aren’t above that sort of thing.

prep4prep1But for now we wait, work and watch the bees in the flowers. It’s summer. The sun shines during the day, the stars sparkle at night and the garden has new surprises every morning. The storm is coming, but it will be welcomed with open arms.


23 thoughts on “Calm Before The Garden Storm

  1. Looking great, so jealous. I am only getting my garden planted now. Had to stop due to tropical storm Andrea and then I had to start again after she left. Not much luck yet as we just had another two days of rain and the garden is flooded again. Suppose to be nice for the next few days so I can get planting started again.

  2. I am so excited for your strawberry and chile–they’re here! they’re here! Pretty pix for sure. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Finally sun and warmth in Minnesota, so our berries are blossoming (no fruit yet) and at least the herbs are full-on. Waiting for bell peppers (orange, red, and “chocolate”!) and tomatoes and cucumber. Smaller scale than yours, but that’s what Farmers’ Markets are for, yes?

    Always enjoy your posts.

    • Thanks. And we still use the farmers market every week, too many good things to pass up.

      Hope your berries and peppers turn out (our record with peppers is decidedly mixed).

    • Thanks- we have 6 bushes working at the moment and you can see the progression, depending in the bush- some ripen sooner (and taste different) than others…

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