The Atomic California Dog

The Atomic California Dog.

The Atomic California Dog.

Here at the farm, we do more cooking than “assembling” of dishes. In other words, if we can make something ourselves, we usually do, particularly if we can do it better than store-bought. However, if a local purveyor makes it better, we are happy to support their business, we just want our food to taste good. And since it has been extremely hot (like “Africa hot”, to borrow from Neil Simon) we are trying to minimize our cooking time and are happy to do some “assembly”.

atomic8atomic5Along the way, we created a dawg dish we really, really like- enough to share, and certainly a good 4th of July recipe. We call it the Atomic California Dog. Why? Well, it has a bunch of California-made sauces and condiments and they are spicy…very, very spicy. But somehow, when you are already sweating when standing still, the spice seems to work. And beyond the pure heat, we have some very good flavors to work with.

atomic6atomic4The Atomic California Dog combines a quality hot dog (try a local source, although Hebrew-National always work), a traditional bun (local), Dijon-style mustard (East Bay), sauerkraut (local, see below), kimchi (local, see below), Sriracha (SoCal) and Pepper Plant sauce (Gilroy). What you get is sweet, savory flavors from the dog and bun and then acidity from the mustard and kraut followed by layers of spice (and funk) from the kimchi, Sriracha and Pepper sauce. Textures? Soft bun, snap from the dog and crunch from the kimchi and kraut. Complete. Dish. Even if it is “just” a hot dog. And sometimes a hot dog is just a hot dog.

atomic7And we will give a quick shout out to the fermentos at Wildbrine who made the kraut and kimchi we used. We don’t know them, but we tried their stuff, and it is very good. Local fermenting and pickling operations are popping up all over the country and these products are often incredibly tasty. So if you have time or opportunity, try some locally fermented products- you may be in for a pleasant surprise.


The Atomic California Dog.

The Atomic California Dog:

Notes Before You Start:

  • No notes. It’s a hot dog, if you don’t have all the ingredients just play around. Hot dogs are fun. Fun is good.

What You Get: A tasty, spicy dog with a lot going on. You will want more than one.

What You Need: Time to shop for tasty sauces and condiments.

How Long? About 10 minutes. Once you have the ingredients, an anytime dish.


  • Hot dogs
  • Hot dog buns
  • Butter, oil or bacon fat
  • Dijon-style mustard
  • Sriracha
  • Pepper Plant sauce (substitute spicy steak sauce)
  • Sauerkraut
  • Kim-chi


  1. Cook the dogs in a skillet or grill with some butter oil or bacon fat until slightly brown and crisp. Warm the buns in the oven (or for a few seconds in the microwave).
  2. Place the dog in the bun and add the mustard, Sriracha and Pepper sauce. Then layer on the kraut and kimchi. Serve (with a cold beer, if you like).

13 thoughts on “The Atomic California Dog

  1. I think I will love this hot dog recipe. I’m a fan of all the spicy toppings used here. Loved reading the story and what an awesome name for a hotdog!

  2. I do not like hot dogs, but wow–I want one of these! The combining of different textures, temperatures, and flavors totally sells them. I always say this, but you guys are just so danged brilliant with food 🙂

    • Thanks! I would suggest you look into using kimchi (if you haven’t already) as a condiment. We are just scratching the surface but it seems like we can pair it with all sorts of things- as long as it is used in moderation.

  3. You have managed to elevate my impression of the lowly hot dog! Typically I’m not all the interested, but in order to please the crowd tomorrow, I gave in! We’re having hot dogs. LOL! But now I’m excited to try with sriracha! I have a whole new bottle and I’m ready to go. I’ll scour the cupboards and refrigerator to figure out what else I can bring out to make my own atomic hot dogs!

    And thanks for the “Africa Hot” reference. I say that all the time and no one else ever gets it! 🙂

    • We get the same thing w/ “africa hot” unless we are talking with New Yorkers!

      Hope you enjoy the dogs- a fun / easy canvas to play with. Great for kids to experiement…

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