Mixology Monday LXXVIII Announcement: Intercontinental

danger9Time for this month’s Mixology Monday. And guess what? We are hosting here at the farm. Let’s get right to the theme:

mxmologoEverywhere we travel these days we see cocktails on the menu. And not just here in the USA, but all around the world. And that’s not only the drinks, but the ingredients as well. Nowadays when we look behind most bars we see spirits, liqueurs, aromatic wines, bitters, herbs, spices, tools and glassware from all corners of the globe. So let’s celebrate the global reach of cocktails with an “Intercontinental” Mixology Monday challenge. Create a cocktail with “ingredients” from at least 3, but preferably 4,5 or 6 continents. And if you can include Antarctica, then you get a Gold Star. And remember, sometimes the tools used, glassware, names or back stories of cocktails are important “ingredients”. Creativity and a bit of narrative exploration are encouraged. So if you have been waiting on buying that bottle of Japanese Scotch, Bundaberg rum from Australia, Pisco or Cachaca from South America or Madagascar vanilla, now may be the time to try them out….except for the Bundy…trust us on that. Have fun.

Here is the rundown:

1. Create a cocktail or cocktails with ingredients from at least 3 continents (but the more, the better).
2. Post the recipe on your blog, or the egullet’s spirit and cocktail’s forum (thread HERE), with a photo and your thoughts on the drink.
3. Add the MxMo logo to your post with a link to the Mixology Monday website, and one back here to Putney Farm.
4. Submit a link to your post here on the announcement post, or send an email to stewartbputney (at) gmail (dot) com with Mixology Monday in the subject.
5. Posts must be submitted by midnight October 21st.

Thanks again to Fred Yarm at Cocktail Virgin Slut for keeping MxMo going. We look forward to our party on the 21st!

And here are some old cocktail highlights:


The Siesta Cocktail

The Siesta Cocktail


The 20th Century Cocktail.

The 20th Century Cocktail.

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    • Updated using Bundaberg with Dante’s Divina Down Under. Alas, we have no more ideas to get past 5 continents. Thanks again for hosting another great MxMo PutneyFarm!

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