Mixology Monday “Intercontinental” Cocktail #1: The Horn Of Good Hope

Horn of Good Hope Cocktail.

Horn of Good Hope Cocktail.

Ah, another Mixology Monday, always good fun and a nice little prod to keep us from becoming lazier lazy drinkers. And this month we can’t be lazy at all, since we are hosting. The theme is “Intercontinental” and if you want to full download here it is. But basically we need to mix some drinks with ingredients from most of the continents. So far, there are already a number of very creative (and quite tasty looking / sounding) cocktails submitted. So we figured we may as well get going with a few of our own creations.

mxmologoAnd since we already have a geographic theme we decided we would go a little further and look at the globe for inspiration. In this case we said where is the “end of the earth”? And we decided that Cape Horn in Chile and the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa fit the bill and started looking for spirits (we also looked at Cape Grim in Tasmania, but came up short on ingredients, otherwise we would have ‘The Grim Horn of Good Hope’, oh well…sigh).

cape7cape5For Chile / Cape Horn it was easy to find an ingredient, Pisco, the local grape brandy that is very common here in Norcal (Pisco also comes from Peru) . For South Africa / Cape of Good Hope we have more options with all sorts of South African wine or Amarula, the local cream liqueur from the Marula fruit. We aren’t big cream liqueur fans, but couldn’t resist trying out the Amarula (we already have a few Amarula sightings for this MxMo).

cape4It may be a hokey description, but Amarula basically tastes like “tropical Bailey’s” with sweet cream, caramel, a touch of ginger and mango-ish notes. Not bad at all, and not surprisingly Amarula is often mixed into coffee or chocolate cocktails. We chose to go in the direction of coffee, and the rest came together pretty quickly.

cape3cape6The Horn of Good Hope combines Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua Especial from North America), Pisco (South America), Amarula (Africa), Grand Marnier (Europe) and a dusting of nutmeg (Asia), shaken with ice, strained and served as a cocktail. The flavor is in the Black Russian / Bailey’s and Coffee realm, but the Pisco adds strength and heat, the Grand Marnier adds burnt orange notes and the Amarula adds spice and tropical fruit flavor. The nutmeg adds extra depth of flavor and aroma that rounds things out. There is also a lovely nutty note throughout (no idea where it comes from, but don’t mind it being there). A good sip, even if somewhat (dare we say it) “frappuccino-ish”.

cape2But this is a sweet, boozy drink, and best served as a sip- or almost a small dessert. We suggest you split this cocktail in half or even thirds and serve it as a quick shot or 2-3 sip cocktail. The first few tastes are the best, before the drink loses its chill and the sweetness takes over. Otherwise, if you like sweet drinks take your time and enjoy the full cocktail.

cape1So that is our first try at “Intercontinental” cocktails. We got five continents on this one. We are aiming for six or seven with our next creation. Stay tuned…

The Horn Of Good Hope:


(Serves 1 to 2)

  • 1 oz. Pisco (We actually like Encanto from Peru, but Chilean Pisco is great, too)
  • 1 oz. Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua Especial)
  • 1/2 oz. Grand Marnier
  • 1/2 oz. Amarula
  • Fresh Nutmeg, for dusting


  • Combine all the liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until very cold and double-strain into small chilled cocktail glasses or coupes. Dust with fresh nutmeg. Serve.

19 thoughts on “Mixology Monday “Intercontinental” Cocktail #1: The Horn Of Good Hope

  1. I tend to stay away from cream liqueurs, though the one time I tried Amarula I remember liking it in the same way you like fruit-flavored gummy candy. Using it with pisco was very clever. I can imagine the slightly funky, penetrating quality of an unaged spirit really cutting through the cream and creating a very clean flavor. I might have to buy a bottle of Amarula now.

    • Thanks. We agree on cream liqueurs, not a favorite. But the Amarula is unique/fun enough to experiment with.

      And we go to Pisco quite a bit these days to get that clear, clean flavor…liking it more and more.

  2. Some colorful cocktail .. I think I could enjoy this .. don’t know much about Pisco – but the rest I have tried a couple of times. Just love your drink post … glad I don’t live next door … I would be over straight away .. or on rehab. *smile
    I wish you both a great weekend.

  3. It really looks great, but it hasn’t quite convinced us to go out and buy a bottle of Amarula just yet. We are not so much into cream liqueurs either, but your description of it definitely has us intrigued …

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