Winter Never Came, But We Still Have Spring

springWell, we never really got winter this year in Norcal. We did get some rain, and may get some more, but what we call “cold and wintry weather” (but really isn’t) never arrived. I guess it was sucked in by the polar vortex. Once the rains came, the plants came roaring back to life. The bees are working the wisteria, the roses are about to burst, hummingbirds are sprinting from flower to flower and the bluebirds flicker in the sun. We will take it.

spring1spring2spring8Meanwhile, in the garden the greens look beautiful (taste good, too) and the blueberries are in flower. We have fennel everywhere and the artichokes are sending up canes. The herb garden seems to double in size every day (at least the mint). Excellent.

spring3spring4spring5spring6In the orchard, this is our favorite time of year. The citrus is at its best, with Meyer and Eureka lemons and Cara-cara oranges all looking and tasting lovely. Some seem to make their way into a few cocktails. And the stone fruit trees are starting to flower. Nothing prettier in the world….So much for winter. We will gladly take the spring.


22 thoughts on “Winter Never Came, But We Still Have Spring

  1. Beautiful photos! We are still buried under about four foot of snow here in northern Lake Michigan, but there is nice sunshine today tha makes me think of Spring. Thanks!

  2. This post just shows me how advanced your Spring’s are in comparison to the UK – the fruit blossoms have a way to go, but the Magnolia, with this warm weather should be in flower fairly soon.

    • It is an early year, even for us. Our magnolia are already losing flowers. The stone fruit are very early (hopefully not too early).

      As it is, we are excited that blueberries are just weeks away. That makes spring “edible” here…

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  4. This post is infuriating to people like me in the northeast who have been crushed with snow and blistering cold air! Ha! Beautiful pics though!

  5. This new life is absolutely gorgeous. So encouraging to see!

    We’ve had a wretched winter here, but yesterday the thermometer went up to PLUS SEVEN DEGREES CELSIUS!! I went outside without my big sleeping-bag coat! It was marvellous.

    Thanks for posting these photos for us winter-bound folk.

    • Oh my, seems like a bad winter for everyone north and east of here (we don’t really even have big coats).

      But the transition from “winter” to spring here still inspires. The greens of spring are just as vibrant as ever. And your part of the world is so beautiful, I would like to see it in spring…

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