Raindrops And Roses

As we move toward winter the rains come. Overall, this is a good thing. The pastures go green, our lakes recharge and there is snow in the Sierras. And it makes things pretty in the garden. We just wish the rain wouldn’t knock the petals off the roses…sniff…at least more are on the way. And this is still California, it is supposed to be 80 degrees next week. No complaints.

26 thoughts on “Raindrops And Roses

  1. If only we could have just a little of that rain…we’re headed back up to 90 degrees this week. My poor garden is really suffering…but given what’s happening on the easy coast I try to keep my complaining to only an inner dialogue! Gorgeous photos. Your garden looks like it is still quite lovely.

    • Thanks. The flowers are happy, but we are down to pears and citrus. The veggies are almost done (a few late tomatoes and peppers). I wouldn’t mind 90 degrees (but I would always like that)…

      The east coast is rough right now. That is my home turf and it is still a wreck in a lot of the boroughs of NYC and the beach in Jersey. Glad the loss of life was limited…a disaster, but could have been worse..

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