Getting Back Outside

lily17Spring is fully here in Norcal, and that means lots of sun and lots of breezy days. It also means that it’s time to really get back outside and work in the garden. So far we have artichokes, potatoes, blueberries and strawberries and herbs to work with. Not a bad start. We cleaned up our beds and planted our tomatoes, peppers, cukes and eggplant. Of course, we got a very cold night right after planting. Gardening, your name should be Murphy. Such is life.

A different kind of flower.

A different kind of flower.

Peaches on the way.

Peaches on the way.

Happily, the orchard has gone from blossoms to fruit and we have berries, cherries, figs, peaches, pears, nectarines and apples on the way. And we are still using up our citrus. Life truly is giving us lemons….the good kind. I guess we just need to make some lemonade and mix a few more drinks for friends. Somehow, I think we can handle that.

Blueberries in a week.

Blueberries in a week.

And finally, the flowers are really starting to pop. This makes us happy. Always. Everywhere we go there are flowers. The wildflowers line our highways and back roads, the trees are in bloom and our gardens fill up with color. And summer is coming. Things will get even better.


7 thoughts on “Getting Back Outside

  1. I want to live in Norcal!!!! 5 inhces snow predicted before Friday in St. Paul. I want flowers, too 🙂 At least I can look at Putney Farm’s Pretty pictures…

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