Backyard Kauai Flowers

flower5Kauai is known as the “Garden Isle”, and for good reason. It rains. A lot. Over many consecutive weeks days. And then sometimes the sun comes out and all that rain seems worthwhile. Kauai is one of the greenest places on earth, but along with the green comes the flowers. And you don’t need to go far to find them.

flower3flower8Some of the flowers of Kauai are hidden treasures that require special knowledge and long, treacherous secret hikes. But most are there for all to see, on the sides of the road or even in your back yard. A quiet stroll in Kauai might just give you some of the best colors you will see in your lifetime….or you might just get rained on. It’s worth the risk.


15 thoughts on “Backyard Kauai Flowers

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  2. How beautiful your blossoms are! I can’t wait for spring to arrive to see mine! The first picture made me sigh…hibiscus tea is what I am dreaming about! 😀 Have a lovely day!

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