Still Green…..

may10Yes, we have a drought. And yes, we have cut our water use (and our water bill) quite a bit. But the Farm is still green…with splashes of color. And we are very, very grateful for the sprinkles of spring rain that keep coming. But if we don’t get more rain this winter, things may not be so green next year.may5

may2mayMeanwhile, we have plenty of herbs, raspberries (so good we just eat them in the field), strawberries, blueberries, cabbage and a forest of kale. Our Meyer lemon supply seems limitless and we even have a few Eurekas. Lots of lemon-based cocktails this summer….and this spring.

may4may3may1Sadly, it didn’t get cold enough this winter for many of our stone fruit trees. No cold in winter, no fruit in summer. We may get a few peaches, but no cherries. Such is life. Happily, the farmers markets are teeming with early cherries and peaches. Seems that it did get cold enough in the Central Valley.

may6may7may9Looking ahead we have tomatoes, spinach, squash and zucchini, eggplant, beans and collard greens on the way. Nothing goes with summer barbecue like collards. Can’t wait for summer…may8

5 thoughts on “Still Green…..

  1. Do you know the varieties of roses that you have photographed here. They are absolutely beautiful and I would like to plant some of them in my own garden.

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