• Gratitude, Awards And Apologies!

    Olives. Something to look forward to.

    A few years ago, our kids sang a song at a school event called “An Attitude of Gratitude”. It was the kind of semi-campy and non-offensive song you often get at school performances, and the basic chorus was “an attitude of gratitude will get you through the day”. And while it is tempting to roll one’s eyes a bit, the message does hold true. Every day we wake up, there is something we are grateful for. And we are very grateful for so many things, we look forward to every day.

    We are very grateful that so many of you visit us and read about our garden and kitchen (and bar). Your blogs, comments and insights have already made us much better gardeners, cooks and photographers. And these are lifetime interests- so we are happy (and grateful) to learn and improve. And the garden and kitchen can often be humbling places, so it is always good being part of a larger community.

    We are also lucky enough to be nominated for a few blogging awards. Thanks! And this is where the apology comes in. We both have what we call the “promptness gene”. We don’t like being slow to respond or simply be late with anything. But we are late in responding and apologize for being so slow. But better late, than never. As we have a few awards, we will bend the rules and mention the awards, tell you a few more things about ourselves and share some blogs we enjoy. And share some photos, just because we can.

    Here are the awards (Thanks again!):

    Beautiful Blogger by Fine Frugality: Good food and writing- recipes you will actually make.


    Inspiring Blog Award by Glitz Glamour Girl Guide: Fun, positive recipe and lifestyle blog.


    Versatile Blogger Award by Dockfam: This blog just supplies smiles…and smiles are good.


    Very Inspiring Blog by Sarah The Gardener: A great, honest gardening site- we wish we were this good.


    Stuff about us:

    • We do actually suffer from garden envy, even when ours is looking good. I guess we are greedy that way.
    • Same with kitchens.
    • We browse grocery stores, farmers markets and wine/liquor stores the way some folks shop at the mall. This drives our kids (somewhat rightfully) crazy.
    • We tried sausage making several times and have yet to crack it. Local suppliers and butchers do better than us- by a lot.
    • We still do OK with home-cured bacon, however. Some consolation.
    • We are starting to geek up on tea. This may go the way of cocktails and get a bit obsessive. Hmm.
    • We are really bummed and disappointed by Melky Cabrera. Ugh, this one hurts. Continue reading
  • Putney Farm Has Been Nominated For a Sunshine Blog Award

    It has been a great weekend. Friends, wine, cooking, gardening, plant sale, surfing, baseball and a very pleasant dinner with the boys at a “fancy” restaurant. To top it off, our friend at Storybook Apothecary, a great blog on green/organic skin care products (and some fun writing and musings), nominated us for a Sunshine Blog Award. Thanks!

    For those who do not know what a Sunshine Blog Award is (and that included us), it is a prize is awarded to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. As an award winner, there are a few rules to follow:

    • Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
    • Answer the questions below.
    • Pass on the award to 10 bloggers you like, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them.

    Well, we could never resist a chain letter when we were younger, so here we go…

    BTW, this is our family blog- so there may be some “hedging” on certain questions…;-)

    So, our favs are:

    • Favorite Color – Orange and Black for the GIANTS!
    • Favorite Animal – Snap the dog and Oreo the cat. They came to us around the same time and almost seem like a unit.
    • Favorite Number – 13. It has been a good sports number for the boys.
    • Favorite Drink – Homemade lemonade is the family fave. Good with iced tea, by itself or in cocktails.
    • Facebook or Twitter – Facebook. This blog is all about real friends and family. We reach them through Facebook (but Pinterest is closing fast!)
    • Your Passion – Family, Friends, Food.
    • Giving or getting presents – Giving, mostly in the form of food, drink and experiences with friends. Sharing with others is the best part of life.
    • Favorite Day – Today. Every day we wake up.
    • Favorite Flowers – Climbing Roses. They are always beautiful, but it is cool to see them climb to new parts of the house over the years. They become something of a time-lime (you will see some pics of ours soon).

    Blogs we nominate:

    Boozed and Infused: A great blog on making your own liqueurs and infusions. Alicia is so good at it, we send people to her with questions on flavorings for drinks. She is a prolific writer, too.

    Fed Up Food: Food rants (funny) and some good recipes. Not sure how they will feel about a “sunshine” award…;-)

    Miss Apis Mellifera: A very well-written and passionate blog on beekeeping. It is a great read even if you have no interest in bees- she is becoming a great “naturalist” writer IMHO. Continue reading