Gratitude, Awards And Apologies!

Olives. Something to look forward to.

A few years ago, our kids sang a song at a school event called “An Attitude of Gratitude”. It was the kind of semi-campy and non-offensive song you often get at school performances, and the basic chorus was “an attitude of gratitude will get you through the day”. And while it is tempting to roll one’s eyes a bit, the message does hold true. Every day we wake up, there is something we are grateful for. And we are very grateful for so many things, we look forward to every day.

We are very grateful that so many of you visit us and read about our garden and kitchen (and bar). Your blogs, comments and insights have already made us much better gardeners, cooks and photographers. And these are lifetime interests- so we are happy (and grateful) to learn and improve. And the garden and kitchen can often be humbling places, so it is always good being part of a larger community.

We are also lucky enough to be nominated for a few blogging awards. Thanks! And this is where the apology comes in. We both have what we call the “promptness gene”. We don’t like being slow to respond or simply be late with anything. But we are late in responding and apologize for being so slow. But better late, than never. As we have a few awards, we will bend the rules and mention the awards, tell you a few more things about ourselves and share some blogs we enjoy. And share some photos, just because we can.

Here are the awards (Thanks again!):

Beautiful Blogger by Fine Frugality: Good food and writing- recipes you will actually make.

Inspiring Blog Award by Glitz Glamour Girl Guide: Fun, positive recipe and lifestyle blog.

Versatile Blogger Award by Dockfam: This blog just supplies smiles…and smiles are good.

Very Inspiring Blog by Sarah The Gardener: A great, honest gardening site- we wish we were this good.

Stuff about us:

  • We do actually suffer from garden envy, even when ours is looking good. I guess we are greedy that way.
  • Same with kitchens.
  • We browse grocery stores, farmers markets and wine/liquor stores the way some folks shop at the mall. This drives our kids (somewhat rightfully) crazy.
  • We tried sausage making several times and have yet to crack it. Local suppliers and butchers do better than us- by a lot.
  • We still do OK with home-cured bacon, however. Some consolation.
  • We are starting to geek up on tea. This may go the way of cocktails and get a bit obsessive. Hmm.
  • We are really bummed and disappointed by Melky Cabrera. Ugh, this one hurts.

Blogs we enjoy / nominate: One of our favorite blogs about life and travel. Fellow surfer. Viveka enjoys life and shares. Good photos and a touch of humor. Good, real recipes and photos. A go-to home cooking site. Gardening with soul and good writing. Good recipes and real scientific thoughts on food and nutrition. Great photos with some fun descriptions and captions. Joseph Tkach’s cocktail site. Tasty drinks, strong opinions, good writing.

And even though she probably has (and deserves) every blogging award in the world, we still have to mention Claire at Promenade Plantings. We love her blog.

Have a great weekend!

25 thoughts on “Gratitude, Awards And Apologies!

  1. Wow … thank you so much – Like you I’m just you – never gets around to pass them on. – Have quite a few now .. after next weekend will I take it on. Once again – thanks … glad that you mention my humor. *smile .. Talking about great photos – there we have a whole bunch of them again … my pick is the bee one.

  2. I can’t get the prompt title on this one either cuz I just saw your nice comment about my blog! I nominated you because you bring out the garden envy in me each time I visit your site…but it’s the good type of garden envy. I also browse grocery stores that way..but I can’t stand going to the mall! Congrats on all of your awards!

  3. Spongebob does a slightly creepy rendition of that song. The message is a good one though, it’s always good to take a moment to be grateful.

    Congrats on all the awards; your readers are grateful you take the time to write of all your experiences on cooking and gardening (and cocktailing).

    • LOL- it would be a Spongebob we said “campy”.

      Thanks for the kind words…are you still making the cheese at home…would love to see it in a Caprese!

  4. I was oohing and aahhing at your photos, wow you chose some great ones to illustrate this post! and I love the way you so elegantly describe gardening , cookery and photography as a lifetime interests, I may have to ‘borrow’ that line!
    And then I get to read your list of awards thinking how well deserved they are, and then the bits about you guys, and onto the nominations and it’s oh that’s a new one to me, or ah an old favourite of mine, and then the cheek of it you add me too! Gorgeous, lovely, and beautiful of you. Thank you 🙂
    Oh and I’d adore some of that home cured bacon, I’m a bit of a bacon fiend myself !!

    • Thank you for having such a great blog. We think you capture the spirit of the garden better than almost anyone…

      And we highly suggest you cure your own bacon- it is easier than you think and makes every savory dish taste better!

      Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks so very much for nominating my blog, Putney Farm! I’m new in the blogging world and am finding it quite a lot of fun and satisfying, too. Your posts always feel like I’m sitting down at the table and talking with you, conversational and easy going, plus studded with gorgeous images! Really great!!

  6. You are too kind. Gorgeous photos, as always. Can’t imagine you ever having garden envy but they do say no gardener is ever fully satisfied with his garden. I console myself a lot with this thought 😉

  7. Gratitude, Awards and Apologies. The last word some kind of spoiled the beautiful title for this post. You do not need to apologize. We, the readers are more than grateful for your incredible efforts to regularly put food to our ever-hungry eyes and brain. Thank you for being part of our everyday lives. You truly deserve the awards and you are the one who in fact should receive our thank yous.
    I personally apologize for most of the time, I can’t help but leave a comment like this. Hahaha… and for flooding your notification with a circuit of likes.
    Just keep on posting…

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