The Rewards of the Garden

This morning’s strawberries and blueberries.

As we move into summer our roles in the garden shift. We still tend our crops but we become “hunters and gatherers” as well. We are hunting for berries, and with good results. But we also start to hunt for the blossoms that offer a glimpse of the future. Blossoms on the tomatoes, melons and squash are strong signals that our late-summer crops are growing and thriving. Tendrils on the peas and rapid growth of our arugula and greens means that we are just weeks away from tasty salads and peas from the shell. Our cucumbers blossom and climb, and we can almost taste the refrigerator pickles. We see the slightest dash of red and know that radishes are on the way. It’s a happy hunt through the garden.

Blueberries from the “perfect” bush.

As for our berries, they are at their peak. The strawberries are tasty and plentiful. The blueberries are big and sweet. The fruit from each blueberry bush tastes very different and we enjoy comparing them as we snack in the garden. We have one bush this year that has simply delightful blueberries. Sweet and with a slightly tart finish and soft skins, these berries are one of the best things we have ever tasted. We just stand there, eat the berries and smile. I could never mix a cocktail, or Carolyn craft a confection that compares to a perfect blueberry, just picked, from the garden. Nature stands unrivaled. And we are grateful.

Strawberries are very sweet now, and plentiful.

Melons and arugula in the front, moving to tomatoes.

More nasturtiums, these go into salads.

Melon blossom. These had us worried but they seem to be pulling through.

Arugula. This will grow very quickly now. It will be a foot tall in the next week or so.

Tomato blossoms. We have been waiting for these, tomatoes in a few months.

Every stalk of the blueberry bushes look like this. Excellent.

Zucchini blossom. These are tasty, too.

Red radish peeking through.

Sweet pea tendrils climbing, always climbing.

Butter lettuce just taking off.

More nasturtiums, just because we can.

17 thoughts on “The Rewards of the Garden

  1. Your growing season is so far ahead of us, you always make me jealous. Although, I can happily report that my sungold tomato has started producing blossoms.

    • You are our connection to Portland, which is much cooler than here, we are the jealous ones…

      happy you have sungolds coming- total candy. Will you infuse them for bloody marys?

      • would you hate me if I say I don’t like bloody marys? My husband likes them and I love everything else about them (tomato juice, spices, I even make my own dilled carrots and dilled green beans which everyone loves in bloody marys). Anyway, we only have one Sungold, and we will eat every one of those raw. Tomatoes are my absolute favorite food!

  2. All I can say is WOW! I wish I have a garden like yours. Your strawberries and blueberries which are one of my favorites look very tasty and perfect. I like zucchini blossoms too. 🙂 But I have never tasted a red raddish though. I have only tried the white long slender radish. And your lettuce looked good and tasty for a salad. Hhmmm…yummy!

    Congratulations on your garden! 🙂

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